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Yokokawa Clinic


A Message from Dr. Toshio Yokokawa Clinic Director

The Yokokawa Clinic was founded on December 25, 1950, by our first director, Dr. Tsuguo Yokokawa, and the clinic has since been contributing to local and regional medical needs.
I succeeded him in this position in September 1999 and have always done my best for our patients and our staff.

The clinic is only a 5-minute walk from Kojiya Station on the Keikyu Line. Most of its patients are local residents and office workers, ranging from infants to the elderly.
Also, because of our proximity to Haneda Airport, an increasing number of its employees have been using our services.


The Ongoing Mission of our Clinic

1) To make this clinic open to all visitors so that they will feel
   free to consult with us about their health and related problems
2) To provide high-quality medical care with a strong focus on
   primary care
3) To provide referrals to medical specialists or specialized hospitals
   when our patients need them
4) To promote community-based and heartwarming home health care
5) To promote preventive medicine
6) To provide easy-to-understand explanations about medicine and health
7) To provide considerate and understanding medical services

Our clinic also exerts great effort in diagnostic treatments of allergies.
We cooperate closely with Showa University Hospital and provide up-to-date treatments for bronchial asthma and hay fever.

Each specific internal disease is examined by medical specialists.
Our first director was a specialist in pediatrics, and children continue to visit our clinic every day. Besides our many specialties in dealing with children, we also provide vaccinations as well as healthy infant examinations.

Orthopedic and dermatologic examinations are provided by medical specialists from university hospitals.
Physical therapy is among our many services, and home health care is provided in cooperation with the Home-Visit Nursing Station of the Kamata Medical Association and other organizations.